Christian Apologetics 

2nd & 4th Sunday/month @ 6:00PM

Leader(s): Pastor Mark Culham
Location: Fellowship Hall

Defending The Faith

Join Pastor Mark as we learn the basics of Christian apologetics (a defense of the Christian faith); the methods used to defend the faith; and some of the effective arguments that support the truth claims of Christianity. 

We will also consider some of the objections to Christian truth claims that non-believers raise; and how to effectively communicate WHY we believe what we believe! 

Women of the Word

2nd Saturday/month @ 9:00AM

Leader(s): Sarah Holsapple
Location: First Open Bible Church
(Fellowship Hall)

Study The Bible & How it Relates To You! 

This study offers an approach to diving into God’s word in a way that is straightforward, approachable, and impactful. You have the option of purchasing a study that provides you a roadmap of what to read and how to break down His word with powerful questions, taking you deeper into your relationship with God. 

You will also get to be a part of a CREW. These CREWS consist of 5-6 women that will stay connected during the month and will also work together during times of discipleship. 


Widow’s Bible Study

1st Sunday/month @ 6:00PM

Leader(s): Pam Slaton
Location: Home Group

The Chosen

This Connect Group will take a journey through the popular series “The Chosen”. 

Pam Slaton will lead this special group of widows as they consider, “What does it mean to be chosen?”


Building Relationships

2nd Sunday/month @ 6:00PM

Leader(s): Rick & Sue Enyart
Location: Home Group

Building Relationships 

A home connect group that will look into the importance of building healthy relationships, including our relationships with each other in the body of Christ. 


Next Steps

1st & 3rd Sunday/month @ 6:30PM

Leader(s): Doug & Candy Plotz
Location: First Open Bible Church (Fellowship Hall)

We Believe Series 

This Connect Group is for those who are perhaps new to the faith to consider and discuss what we believe and\or are looking to grow in your relationship with Christ and to identify the next steps of the christian walk.


Applying God’s Word

2nd Monday/month @ 6:30PM

Leader(s): Bonnie Hansen
Location: First Open Bible Church (Fellowship Hall)

Study of Ephesians

An in-depth study of Paul’s letter to the Ephesian’s, with practical application to our daily christian life. 

The Church in Civil Affairs

1st & 3rd Thursday/month @ 6:00PM

Leader(s): Curt Hancock
Location: First Open Bible Church (Downstairs in Adult Classroom)

The Church in Civil Affairs

To study, learn, then teach the Church how this nation was founded on biblical values and how our founding fathers knew we must ingrain the principles of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence into the hearts and minds of our citizens and teach them it is their duty to engage in civil affairs to restrain evil and promote righteousness to keep this a free and just society. 

Mission Statement: To put biblical values back into the civil arena. 

Rosella’s Ladies Luncheon 

1st Tuesday/month @ 11:00AM

Leader(s): Sharon Phillips 
Westdale Pizza Ranch

Rosella’s Ladies Luncheon 


The Rosella’s Ladies Luncheon was established years ago by a lady named Rosella. She started it so the women of God in her life had a chance to gather once a month, get to know one another better and have fun fellowship together. We are continuing this gathering in her honor. 

This luncheon is available to ALL ladies of ALL ages! Come… enjoy good food, invite friends and fellowship with us!