4th Sunday/month @ 6:00PM

Leader(s): Mark & Debbie Culham
Location: Home Group

Women of the World

2nd Saturday/month @ 9:00AM

Leader(s): Sarah Holsapple
Location: First Open Bible Church
(Fellowship Hall)

This group exists to challenge and equip women to passionately pursue God and to influence their world. All messages will be presented with both deeply researched truth and deeply felt grace.

You do not have to lead or walk this journey alone! 


Kingdom of Men Bible Study

1st Saturday/month @ 9:00AM

Leader(s): Cherokee French
Location: First Open Bible Church
(Fellowship Hall)


2nd Monday/month @ 6:30 pm

Leader(s): Matt & Sherri Peiffer 
Location: Home Group via ZOOM

We’re all busy and in this life together!

It takes a village to raise your kids and we want to do this thing called life together. We’ll be discussing real parenting topics, see what God’s word says to us about raising our children and candid discussion.


Single Parents

2nd Tuesday/month @ 6:30PM

Leader(s): Jay Enyart
Location: First Open Bible Church
(Fellowship Hall)


1st Sunday/month @ 6:00PM

Leader(s): Pam Slaton
Location: Home Group

This group of Godly women will help you to focus on understanding your authority as a believer and to use your authority with confidence when dealing with spiritual warfare in these last days. 



1st & 3Rd Thursday/month @ 6:30PM

Leader(s): Vern Slaton
Location: First Open Bible Church (Prayer Room)

If you’re a single in the world, this is an opportunity for you to meet with others that have the same status, while walking through life with God. 



3Rd Friday/month @ 6:30PM

Leader(s): Katie Hiles & Leadership Team
Location: First Open Bible Church (downstairs int he vault)

With the hardships and chaotic year we have behind us, it has been a challenge for our Youth to connect and have fellowship. Our connect group nights will allow us to rebuild and build relationships for the Youth group as a whole, while having some fun in the process!  


Building Relationships

2nd Sunday/month @ 6:00PM

Leader(s): Rick & Sue Enyart
Location: Home Group

Do you want to build your relationship with God and learn to grow in your relationships with those in your everyday world? This is your group! Evangelizing with your relationships. 


Next Steps In A Christian Walk

1st & 3rd Sunday/month @ 6:30PM

Leader(s): Doug & Candy Plotz
Location: First Open Bible Church (downstairs adult classroom)


Walk Applying The Word Today

1st Monday/month @ 6:30PM

Leader(s): Bonnie Hansen
Location: Home Group


Missions & Outreach

1st Tuesday/month @ 6:30PM

Leader(s): Dave & Karolyn Wagner
Location: First Open Bible Church (Prayer Room)

Find your opportunity to get behind-the-scenes in planning and preparing all Missions and Outreach activities. 


Ring Of Fire Prayer

Every Saturday @ 6:30PM

Leader(s): Jim Gatewood
Location: First Open Bible Church (Prayer Room)

Pray about everything, worry about nothing. Get ready to join your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ with prayer about everything and anything.


Finiacial Peace University

1st & 3rd Tuesdays/month @ 6:00PM

Leader(s): Shelby Holsapple
Location: First Open Bible Church (Stephen Ministry Room)

Control your finances instead of letting them control you! Join Shelby as she walks through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University with you.

This connect group has specific time periods to join. Second round of this course will be starting January 8th, 2022 @ 6:00PM. It is a bi-weekly lass until March 5th, 2022. Please email Shelby with any questions. 


Healthy Living

3rd Sunday/month @ 6:00PM

Leader(s): Janelle Gentz
Location: Home Group

What does God say about healthy living? Learn how to relate what
God says about health and nutrition and how to work it into your daily life routine.