Moving to Missional Effectiveness

The mission statement of Open Bible Churches is:

“Make disciples, develop leaders, plant churches, and send missionaries.”

VISION: An Outreach Culture Every minister, church, district, region, ministry, and office is committed to bringing people to Jesus Christ…and making them fully devoted followers of His. That means reevaluating everything we do and every dollar we spend in terms of our stated mission. That means a new call to a higher degree of loving accountability for every person and entity in Open Bible.

VISION: Leadership Development Culture
A culture of leadership development is vital for the raising up and releasing of pastors, planters, and missionaries (missional effectiveness). We envision at least twenty Open Bible centers across the USA whose primary mission is to train laborers for the harvest. From among the discipled followers brought to Christ through our outreach culture, the Holy Spirit will identify, train, and release leaders.

VISION: A Church Planting Culture
In spite of high failure rates in the early days of the USA church planting movement, the Holy Spirit has helped church leaders persevere and glean biblical, spiritual principles that are reproducible. Planter assessments, boot camps, and coaching are some of the lasting principles God has used. Open Bible Churches caught the spark of the church planting inferno in the early nineties, and has continued to fan the flame ever since.

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